Brewing guide

Tea is a very personal thing, everyone has their own way of brewing. But here are some recommendations on how to brew tea, that will help you get the best out of our teas.


The first thing is water. Tap water varies from region to region.

Soft water is the best for brewing as hard water can dampen the delicate flavours. If you have hard water try a water purifier like a BRITA jug.

Always use freshly boiled water because boiling removes oxygen and affects the flavour.


The second thing is the heat of the water.

Delicate tea leaves can be scolded by boiling water leading to a bitter taste, which is fine for blends like English Breakfast adding strength and sharpness, but with Green Tea this bitterness is not pleasant and masks the delicate grassy taste, so just off the boil at 80C is ideal.


Thirdly the brewing time. The longer you brew the more you get, and the flavours continue to develop after 10 minutes.

Within a blend some ingredients like Hibiscus will develop faster, whilst spicy Cardomom and Ginger develop and strengthen after 5 and 10 minutes.

Find your special cup or glass and get brewing Flavour Head!