If you’re reading this you’re a Flavour Head. You’re one of us, always on the lookout for exciting new ingredients and flavour combinations.

What happens if you mix Yuzu Peel with Coconut Flakes and Lime Peel garnished with Safflowers? You get a multi-layered flavour bomb. Boom! That kind of crazy mixology led us to create Citrus Sunrise Citrus Tea. Dive In!



There’s tea, and there’s tea.

The only tea for us is made from top quality tea leaves, whole herbs, whole berries, whole spices, whole flower petals … you get the picture.

We make sure we only use the finest tea and botanicals from responsible growers, 100% natural to ensure the finest big flavour … that’s a promise.

HOW TO MAKE tea right

Pop the bag in a cup and add hot water. Leave for at least 3 minutes (5 or more is ideal) to let the flavours reveal themselves, they will continue to do this even when its cooled down.

Brewing guide


Taste is at the top of our selection criteria so to set new standards you have to use only the finest ingredients.

But we’re about much more than that, we want to stimulate all the senses. That’s why we only use whole and rolled botanicals and teas in our blends, from single sources. That way you can see what you’re drinking and get richer, more authentic taste.

When we create our blends our aim is to give layers of delicious flavour that reveal themselves as you drink, like a fine wine. There are up to a dozen ingredients in each blend to ensure the aroma, the appearance, and the taste combine for an unforgettable experience.

From the moment you open the box the aroma triggers your senses, and as the tea infuses in the cup you can see the flavours infuse and the leaves uncurl, like Cornflowers, Safflower and Sunflower petals.

The botanicals; fruit, herbs, spices and essences come mainly from the EU, the black teas from Sri Lanka and India, and our green teas from China and Japan.

Why i started a tea company

I love tea as much as I love discovering new ingredients and flavour combinations, so why are the same old tea brands peddling generic flavours using unidentifiable ingredients that taste, well, a bit bland?

That’s because most tea brands use finely chopped ingredients and add processed flavour crystals which is not good. When I looked at artisan gins, beers and cocktails, it hit me ‘what if we made tea like that?’

I love a negroni, the sweet and bitter fruity zesty scruminess is so distinctive, so I used that as a base for a tea, and Wonderfully Zesty was born. Big chunks of dried orange peel and ginger, hibiscus and safflowers, coriander and juniper berries create a multi-layered rich taste experience. Throughout our range of teas you can see hints of inspiration from a myriad of places that has led to our unique blends.

Join us on this journey and may the flavour be with you!

Craig x

Chief Flavour Head